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Should I be angry that my husband invited his ex-in-law?

A month ago, my husband went to his friend’s house without me and decided to invite his ex-in-laws to come over (his friends house) to hang out. I have no problem with this but at least tell me so I know or maybe perhaps I can tag along and meet them too.  I found out 2 days ago and did asked my husband, which got his friend got involved telling me it’s no big deal. His friend and I argued while my husband sat there and say nothing. I am truly hurt because it feels like they are all against me. I am not talking to my husband at the moment because I’m truly hurt and upset 1. Because he did not tell me he’s inviting his ex-in-law  2. He watched while his friend and I argue. 


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    It is a little late to ask if you should be angry because it is obvious you are angry and hurt. One might guess you feel disrespected and cannot understand why you weren't told about this beforehand. To make the matter worse, your upset was worsened by him remaining silent while you and his friend argued. You've asked some good questions, but the YA universe cannot tell you what he (your husband) had in mind. Talk with him.

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    Its all a big deal and bothers you a lot we know this when you say its no big deal....

    You need to relax

    Later mention they are x for a reason

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    Sneaking around is not good, id divorce

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