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Most common treatments for autism, bipolar and ADHD?

So my fiancé is 27 and was diagnosed with high functioning autism in addition to his bipolar and ADHD which were diagnosed at about 19 years old. We have been together for 10 years since we were teens, but as he got older we all noticed something was wrong since he wasn't maturing normally at all. He has a very hard time around people besides just me and if anyone criticizes him in anyway he is deeply hurt. For example over this past fourth of July weekend we went to my parent’s beach house and a friend of my mom’s got annoyed at him for drinking the bottle of alcohol she brought directly out of the bottle (he tends to get very drunk if we hang out with anyone to deal with the social anxiety he faces) she wasn’t even mad for long just told him to stop, but since then he has been crying and screaming that people hate him when i get back from work each day. He is very easily upset, has episodes of both mania and depression and social settings completely overwhelm him. I love him so much and spend many days just holding him while he cries about hating how his brain functions and it breaks my heart. He is reluctant to go to therapy and get on meds because he doesn't think it will help. I think it’s because he doesn’t like talking to strangers at all. Are there medications people commonly take if they have autism to help them deal with being overwhelmed around people? 

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    I have high functioning autism and ADD and i take 20mg Adderall. it helps TREMENDOUSLY with being more responsible, thinking more rationally and being more calm.

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    This isn't something you should handle on your own.  Talk with his family and maybe together, you can convince him to go to therapy.

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    Your fiance will not be able to function normally until he gets help for the bipolar disorder. ADHD can be managed without medication if that is what the person prefers, but bipolar will leave him swinging between highs and lows for the rest of his life.

    In addition to medication, as his brain and body chemistry levels, he will need the help of a counselor to work through the normal maturation process that he missed.

    If he refuses help, you have to ask yourself if this is *really* the life you want - essentially babysitting an adult who cannot handle everyday situations.

    My brother is bipolar and has ADHD and is unmedicated. He cannot function normally and uses alcohol to self medicate (which doesn't work).

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