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Why Do I get Shin Splints So Easily When Jogging?

I'm 26 years old and in average shape. I find that when I run, I get shin splints very easily.

Which is why over time, I've developed my own running style to prevent that (short leg spans, and always landing on the right angle). Also taking breaks between each burst of running. I cannot run continuously for long.

I did not have this problem that much when I was a kid. I was actually overweight as a kid but I could run without getting shin splints.

Why do I get shin splints now but not back then?

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    You should take this question to sports medicine. 

    Originally referring to a specific injury, the term "shin splints" has broadened to refer to general pain in the shins. You need a medical examination to determine exactly what injury you do have, what are the likely causal factors, and what corrections should be made.

    A common cause of runner's injuries is poor shoe selection. Makers of running shoes have a variety of models because runners have a variety of biomechanics. Risk of injury is increased when the shoe and biomechanics are poorly matched. 

    For example, if you have feet with high, ridged arches, you increase risk of injury if you run in motion-control shoes, which are built to be stiff, with little cushioning. But, if you have feet with low, flexible arches (flat feet), you likely need to avoid neutral shoes, which can have a lot of cushioning. It isn't a matter of one or the other of these two: These are near opposite ends of a spectrum.

    If you do want to try self-diagnosis, I recommend "Lore Of Running", by Tim Noakes, M.D., D.Sc.

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    You need better shoes.

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