Milly asked in PetsBirds · 6 months ago

Is my chick okay alone?

We bought 6 free range eggs from a farm and one recently hatched on day 20 (2 days ago) and there was one more fertile egg it’s not even pipped yet but has seemed to move. When we candled them my chick was darker than the other but the other had movement but was less filled so I’m not sure if it’s just less developed. Is it okay for my chick to be the only chick? I’m with it daily and occasionally stroke and put my hand in for it to stand on and it loves oats and has a warm scarf to cuddle up in under the lamp. When it’s older it’s going to a free range farm.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    yes the peep will adapt hower feed is important offer the peeps starter feed its best since it has proper nutrience and vitaminus and protein. level of 10-20%

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