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Excel - value distribution in custom range?


I have a range of 46.46 to 78.89 and I would like to call it as:

46.46 is 0% achieved

78.89 is 100% achieved

I have employees' scores in that range and I need to allocate bonuses.

If I have a budget of 1000$, 46.46 score should get 0$ and 78.89 should get the highest amount.

There are total of 4 employees and all of their bonuses should end up at a total of 1000$. I want to make sure that best employee is awarded the most and the following ones should be awarded depending on the difference to higher achiever.

Can someone guide me the right way?


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  • 5 months ago

    You don't need an excel sheet to compute this for 4 employees. And why doesn't the person who got 46% get at least a small bonus? Seems like a good way to create one disgruntled employee.

    Hire a competent accountant, they could calculate this in 5 minutes and explain to you why the lowest performing employee should still get at least a small bonus if you intend to maintain moral in the workplace.

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