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What is in my new dental filling that it makes it turn dark grey right away instead of shiny silver like my old fillings? ?

It's been awhile since my last filling, but my Dentist finally took out his whiny drill and cleaned out a big cavity in my 1st bottom right molar. I was hoping a white filling would be used but the Dentist said I needed a grey amalgam and pressed a big wad of grey filling in right away after drilling. I didn't expect it not to show (I have some old shiny silver fillings in the very back from when I was a kid) but didn't expect this one to turn dark grey to black in one week. It really shows more than my old shiny silver. What did thd Dentist use different this time to make a fresh filling turn ugly black right away? 

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    you mean you were never told about the MERCURY in amalgams, that's what they are called.....I had mine removed, cuz they're that dangerous.....I have a biological dentist and she is awesome...use ] yelp dot com ]

    and find one in your area , Biological, Whole Body dentist, Holistic are different names to look up to find one,

    and I had a regular dentist for years as well, but not anymore...I'll never go back to dial-up dentistry......

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    It's unbelievable they're still using "amalgam" fillings. Those dark horrible things 🙄  Next time, ask your dentist to use "composite fillings". 

    A composite filling is a tooth-colored resin and glass mixture used to restore decayed or broken teeth. White fillings are used as an alternative to amalgam (silver) fillings, which are aesthetically poor and contain mercury. They tend to last LESS than amalgam fillings, though. 

    I still can't upload pics to show you the difference. Thanks, Yahoo 😡

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    They put a little bit of mercury in the fillings now (for durability) but it does change the color. 

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