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history : Why does almost no one know that Japan was just like Nazi's during the world war 2?

i feel like only Nazi is still talked about a lot when Germany faces up to their history while Japan just can't, just like the Japanese PM says, comfort women were nothing but only prostitutes?

It seems to many people that Japan was only a victim of the atomic bombs and the war while the damage in a lot of Asian countries is not at all mentioned by western people. 

the U.S also kinda turned a blind eye on what Japan did/is doing.


the fact that Japan is an U.S. ally doesn't just justify everything.

South Korea is also an ally of the U.S. and despite that the U.S. almost treats China like an enemy

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    HRH kept the atrocities quiet and in many cases Helped the War criminals get away with Genocide

    Six of the most disturbing "experiments" conducted by Unit 731, the gruesome biological and chemical warfare research unit of the Imperial Japanese Army.

    all members of Unit 731 Given Amnesty by HRH they wanted the Information to use themselves the Japanese officers who ate Australian troops whilst they were Still alive not Prosecuted

    the Only Trials held that were fair were in singapore By the British

    where many Japanese Officers were Hung

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    Just like Nazi's what?

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    The Japs' cruelty to Allied prisoners of war and Chinese civilians was as bad as the Nazis. It's a pity America didn't drop more atom bombs on them

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    I have no way of knowing your source for the things that you mentioned. But having lived in Japan, and traveled to most Asian places involved in WWII, and having met many persons who fought in that war,  I have a well rounded understanding of things about that war. Yes, Japan before and during the war was known as an empire, and had control over various islands and certain countries.  Japan noticed that China was building a large army, and decided to join the "allies" against Germany in 1914-18 to gain control of a part of China. They did  conquer Manchuria in 1931 to secure a land area for their military establishment to weaken China's hold on so much Asian areas. Over time the Chinese military started to send massive numbers of troops into what is today North Korea, but Japan then controlled all of Korea. Long story short, the US realized after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, that Japan had to be stopped in order to but an end to WWII. General MacArthur realized also that China would become a threat to the US and Japan plus other areas in Asia, and thought Japan could and would control China easily. Truman became US President and knew nothing about the situation of China and Japan, and he fired MacArthur; very stupid move. Yes and today we still have to contend with the worse country on earth, China. Japan has apologized many times, and has  paid both North and South Korea billions, but South Korea wants more and more.  This has caused huge hate between the 2 countries. S. Korea will never obtain anymore from Japan, and it is a waste of time to continue claiming Japan owes S. Korea anything more. Both N and S Korea are in debt to the US for saving them and if the US pulled out of S. Korea, China would move in and take both N and S Korea, then we would be in likely the biggest war ever.The US should treat China as an enemy, that is all China is to the US.  China cannot be trusted.

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    Educated people aware of the world around them do. Mobile phone obsessed millennials don’t know anything except celeb gossip.

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    Japan is well known for it's brutality and barbarism. It doesn't make it right that their actions were against trained soldiers who were sent to kill them - whereas the nazis killed innocent civilians, including children.

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    NAZIS killed "innocent Jews who had nothing to do WWII" for "ethnic cleansing" while the Japanese killed "POWs" just because....well there "wasn't any particular motive" behind it

    Nazi: Deaths (only holocaust deaths included)

    Around 6 million Jews

    Other victims of Nazi persecution during the Holocaust era: 11 million

    Total 17 million

    +4 million war crime deaths = 21 million

    Japan war crimes deaths

    Total 10 million



    Read how they executed Filipinos: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_war_cr...

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    It's more than likely that "almost no one" of your age group and educational background knows about Japan's behaviour during WW2.

    Older people, especially those of us who have lived in the Far East, are only too well aware of the horrifying treatment by the Japanese of all their prisoners, whether local Chinese, Thai or Burmese workers or Allied POWs.There are countless stories to be told but you could start with ANY book on the so-called "Burma Railway" (have you heard of "The Bridge Over the River Kwai"?) and learn how one man died for every sleeper that was laid in this ghastly attempt to build a railway through virgin jungle and precipitous cliffs.The Japanese saw their prisoners as less than human, and treated them, Asian and white alike, as dirt. Torture, beatings and executions were a daily occurrence. Many Allied prisoners were shipped to Japan to work in inhuman conditions in the mines, while others were subjected to really atrocious medical experiments.

    When victory was achieved in Europe, there were still thousands and thousands of Allied POWs all over the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia, including of course the notorious Changi camp in SIngapore. It was largely to save their lives that the decision was taken to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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    Because the Japanese targeted Asians, not the "chosen people"

    They also were not white or Christian while the Nazis were both, and whites and Christians are hated more than other groups nowadays. 

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    I wouldn't say the Japanese were "just like" the Nazis.  They were racists who saw themselves as superior to other nearby peoples, particularly the Koreans and Chinese who they were colonizing most aggressively.  And they did carry out lots of attrocities.  But they didn't have the exterminationist vision that the Nazis had towards the Jews.  The Japanese wanted a more traditional European style empire with them as the privileged race ruling over a bunch of subject peoples overseas.   

    But Japanese attrocities and racism get less attention because their victims were mostly white.  There were a couple of things which made the Holocaust unusual, but one of them was that the Nazis were applying racist colonialist logic to other white people.  There had been genocides before (although the term was only invented after the holocaust).  But the difference was that it was usually European societies perpetrating them against non-Europeans (Asians, Africans, Amerinidians).  What shocked the conscience of the West so much about the Holocaust was that this genocidal logic was being applied to people who looked like them.  With the Japanese it was different.  Their victims were mostly other Asians.  And while Europeans and Americans might decry Japanese aggression against China and other countries, they didn't internalize the horror of it as much as they did the Holocaust and the war in Europe.  That's because the victims didn't look like them.  White people often felt similarly to the Japanese that Chinese and other Asians were somehow lesser types of people.  So their sympathy was blunted by this.  Historian John W Dower talks about how even the American terms for the war efface the major victims of the Japanese.  Americans talk about "The War in the Pacific", which frames it as this battle mainly between imposing navies out in the ocean or on sparsely populated Pacific Islands.  That framing tends to ignore the massive amount of fighting, and the tremendous casualties, which occurred in mainland Asia, particularly China, as well as the horrible treatment that the Japanese subjected Asian civilians to (for example, the Japanese killed about 100,000 Chinese people as punishment for the Doolittle Raid, which landed in China.)

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    I'm elderly. My whole life included people who knew about the Japanese sneak attack atrocity bombing Pearl Harbor. You must be talking about the people you hang with on the monkey bars.

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