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How do I tell my mom I dyed my hair?

first I want to say I have severe anxiety arising from childhood trauma. I am 19 years old and moved out of my house and i want to dye my hair myself. My mom normally does it, and because of my anxiety I am scared of the disappointment or anger if I tell her I did it myself. I want to go to beauty school in the future, and I feel I need to do things myself so I can have some knowledge, but my fears are making me really scared and sick. 

How do i tell my mom that I did it, without triggering my anxiety too bad? Or make her not be angry. 

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    You cannot control other peoples reactions, only your own. There is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. You dyed your own hair, something 100% normal, something millions of young women do daily. 

    That is where is starts and ends. You do not  NEED to tell your mother, and when you see her and she mentions it, be breezey with your answer "yes, i did it myself, isnt it wonderful"? 

    ANY mother worth her salt will compliment you and agree.

    " I am scared of the disappointment or anger if I tell her"

    Perhaps time to distance yourself more than you have already by moving out. That is NOT a normal reaction, and clearly having her in your life isnt helping you 

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    Face the Devils horn

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    Gotta be trolling. Either that or you're more neurotic than a chihuahua on crack.

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