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tv show with gorey orgy in bus?

I'm trying to help my dad find a tv show he watched on tv a while back(just a few years or so) he says their was an infection and people were having an orgy in a bus and then started exploding, blood splashing on the windows. there was someone who had dr in his name, possibly wore a top hat, he said it looked similar to the svengoolie guy, black curly hair, eyeliner, dressed eccentrically, he said he may have been a demon or the devil? and could manipulate/control people? the show had supernatural themes and was somewhat comedic and 'very bizarre'. possibly included a cop and a cheerleader. he says there was a scene with a furnance. and there was an incestuous brother and sister that were killed. he says he thinks the doctors name was something like lovelust, loveless, or lovelusk. any ideas for what this was would be super appreciated, I've been trying to help search for it for a couple hours. he said it was a late night show, possibly on adult swim, but he says he cant remember and some details may be wrong. thanks in advance, hopefully someone can help!

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    The League Of Gentlemen

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