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Good timeline app for story writers?

I’m working on a few stories and I really need something to help me organize the timelines in the story. 

I don’t care too much how it functions as long as it’s easy enough to use. 

The only features I really need are that 

I’d like it to be really easy to move events around so I can experiment with story beats. And be able to stack multiple timelines on top of one another for complex narratives.

This one isn’t supper essential but

It’d also be cool if it also had an auto repeating timeline feature so that I could put like a seasons timeline so I always know what season it should be at any given point and that just repeats for however long the timeline is. If anyone knows of an app that can do this please let me know thanks. 🙏 

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    I use a spreadsheet. Rows are plot points. Columns are characters, settings (including seasons and weather), and anything else I want to keep track of.

    I have a master spreadsheet I copy to serve as the foundation for everything.

    The rows are the plot points in the broadest sense, like "Turning Point" and "Climax." The columns in the master are date and approximate time ("January evening"), season ("Winter"), weather (Unseasonably warm"), setting/location ("Muddy yard behind cabin"), then the characters.

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