Is your kid a screamer?

BQ:  Could you get them to stop before someone calls the cops?

If this wasn't happening in front of my eyes I'd swear the kid a few doors down was being abused.  All her dad was doing was putting the cover over her kiddie pool because it was time to go inside.  The girl, who seemed to be maybe 6 or 7, started screaming, "Daddy No!  Daddy Stop Please Don't!" and was going on like this for ten minutes, crying her eyes out.  He didn't say anything to her to calm her down or explain why he was doing it.

This is one of the million reasons why I didn't have children.

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  • edward
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    1 month ago
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    Screamer?  No.  He is a pretty happy boy.  I mean yes, he has tantrums once in a while but very few and far between...normally he’s just tired

  • 1 month ago

    My son has a developmental disorder (think autism spectrum), severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder... if we lived in a better neighborhood I have no doubt the police would have been called by now. He's ten years old now and is stable, his outbursts and unsafe behaviors are few and far between, however, he was a runner until he was about seven years old and has ripped apart doors when dissociated. But, honestly, I'd rather know that my neighbors are going to advocate for children. 

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