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Is it worth it to leave a stable job for an apprenticeship?

I’ve had a stable job for a few years with steady income. It’s a job that will always  need people. It also has a 3% raise each year and only an annual bonus. Same responsibilities everyday and no room for growth or advancement. I want to grow and develop some new skills. I’m thinking about accepting an apprenticeship but don’t know much about it. I’m hoping to explore but don’t know what will happen after the apprenticeship is done and if I’ll have trouble landing new work. Does anyone have experience they can share if they’ve ever participated in an apprenticeship or if they left their stable steady income job for a chance at greater opportunity?

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    I don't have an experience to share but what's missing from your question is a career and what career you want. If you wanted to be an electrician for example but you were working in a field you didn't enjoy I would say quit the job in a professional way and pursue your career but as it stands I can't advise you. 

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