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On a scale 1-10 how hard would you say getting through the program was ? Also did anyone not understand chemistry ? Any words of wisdom or advice ?

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    I’m no longer a nursing student, because I graduated in May but being a nursing student was recent enough for me to give a good answer that reflects how nursing school currently is.

    I would say that it was a 5 on a scale of 1-10, but I am naturally good at tests and I came into college with a game plan and good study habits. I know for some of my friends it would have been an 7,8, or even 9/10. I had many friends fail/come close to failing classes. I had many classmates consider dropping out, especially after sophomore year, when nursing clinicals finally started.

    I didn’t have to take chemistry at my school, which I’m grateful for. I took bio 101, microbiology, 2 years of Anatomy, and pathophysiology. Chemistry is rarely used in nursing and I don’t get why any school would require it. But I took chemistry in high school. If it chemistry 101, it should be fine. 

    My best advice is to form good study routines/habits early. You don’t wanna look back on freshmen year, as a senior and say “if only I tried just a little harder in that class”. My next advice is to have fun! I partied (a lot actually), drank, tried new things. But if you know you’re behind on studying, or that you’re having a hard time with content, skip the party for that weekend. There will always be another one. 

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