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Epidural experiences? ?

This is my first time being pregnant, and my anxiety is just loving to freak out over the epidural.. being numb bellybutton down scares me.. I just wanna know people’s experiences, what it actually felt like, and maybe some advice on how not to freak out too much during labor!!! Thanks!! :) 

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    You will not be totally numb,  the idea is to make it so you are not going nuts with pain.   I have seen hundreds of women who said they want natural child birth without any drugs who suddenly change their minds when the contractions get severe.   Better a bit numb than in pain.   Take it. 

  • Edna
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    I had an epidural. Depending upon the injection site (which is usually in your mid back), during labor and delivery an epidural numbs you from the waist down. I could "feel" sensation in my toes, but  that's all I could feel. If I put my hand on my stomach, I couldn't even "feel" the pressure of my hand on my stomach, but I was wide awake the entire time.  

    It takes a couple of hours for the effects of an epidural to wear off. Until the effects wear off, I doubt that you would be able to walk without assistance, because you couldn't "feel" your feet. Other than that, you'll feel completely normal and wide awake until the effects wear off, and you won't experience any pain after they do.There's nothing about an epidural to be scared of. They aren't used only during labor and delivery. They are VERY OFTEN used during operations and other medical procedures, and are also used to relieve  post-operative pain following surgery.

  • L
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    I gave birth to three children and was given an Epidural with my third pregnancy.

    It does numb you, from the waste down but it also numbs the pain so you don't freak out during delivery.  After delivery, it take a little while for the numbness to go away but it's worth it.  Plus, the Epidural does NOT effect the fetus during birth.  With my first, I was given a Caudal (very similar to the Epidural), however, it effected the fetus (especially the heart rate) and took longer to give birth.  I don't even think they use the Caudal anymore at all because of the effects to the fetus.

    So, insist on the Epidural and you will be fine.

  • sarah
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    At the moment I actually GOT the epidural, it felt like an electric shock went down my spine (that may be because I jumped even though the anesthesiologist told me not to, lol). I wouldn't call it painful, it was just weird. It's kinda hard to explain, lol. I could still move my legs; they just felt heavy and were slow to move. It was kind of the same feeling as when your leg or arm falls asleep. The bottoms of my feet got super itchy -- not sure if that had anything to do with the epidural, but I was cracking up trying to move my legs so I could use one foot to scratch the other because it felt weird. The worst part of the epidural was that it made me sick to my stomach (I felt so bad because the smell of my husband's grandma's perfume made me puke when she walked over to my bed at one point, lol), but IV Zofran took care of that. When the shot was wearing off, it was just that pins-and-needles feeling (like when an arm/leg that fell asleep starts getting circulation again and waking up); again, not painful, just weird. The very, very back of my left heel felt like it stayed numb for days afterward (not sure how normal that is, lol), but all in all, the epidural was no big deal.

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    Long time ago when I was pregnant I was against epidural, I wanted natural birth but when I was induced and the contractions started at the second stage I thought I was going to die with the pain. Then I didn't know what was happening and when I asked the told me they had just given me an epidural and thankfully it kicked in before the next contraction, I could feel a sensation when the contraction was there and spent a long time pushing and had to be cut to let them use forceps for delivery but I felt nothing, you could feel them moving you around but no pain and I think epidural was the best thing invented. Several hours later when it started wearing off I felt as though I had been kicked a lot down in that area, Saying all that when my daughter was in labour she had mild contractions and baby popped out, same with her second pregnancy so it shows we are all different, Good Luck

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I was so worried about the epidural that I refused to have one done.  

    It is NOT mandatory to have it.  The pain of labor can be endured without it.  I did it for both of my daughters.  

    As for not freaking out during labor - learn what to expect.  Read about it - watch videos - go to a Lamaze class - anything that gives you the knowledge to know what to expect - if nothing surprises you - you will be less likely to freak out.

  • Jill
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    1 month ago

    If it freaks you out that much then just don't have an epidural. It's not compulsory.

    Sometimes they won't even give you one when you ask for it because there is a cut-off point when it is too late. 

  • 1 month ago

    i would try not to worry about it and just look forward to your baby

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