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My "friend" called me unreasonable and I that shouldn't be mad. Should i not be?

My friend and I were working on a project for about a month until her parents do not want her to any more. She claims she told me right away but I had tried contacting her before for a week and had not got any response. I find this odd because we had fairly good contact before and I found out she was hanging with a friend(but she didn't have time to check a text?) I was upset because we put a lot of effort and I would had to completely restart. We got in a bad argument telling me I had no reason to mad at her. (Question 1)Should I have not been upset/disappointed? I contacted her amonth later trying to resolve things saying I can't continue on with if we r not on the same page and having stuff hidden from me. She constantly said I'm blaming her for everything, that she hasn't done anything, im being unreasonable and ridiculous. I also talked about other issue I had in that convo. I constantly felt like she was just not listening? Am I unreasonable??????

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    maybe you should talk to her about it

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