New washer / dryer stinks?

So, we have a new vertical washer / dryer installed. Every time we use the dryer…. It STINKS! Anybody know why, and how to remedy this?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Dryers come with a thin layer of oil to protect against moisture build-up while in storage. Put in a very wet, old towel, or even wash the drum out. If the stink remains contact the seller/manufacturer. {Bought new a year ago.}

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    1 month ago

    My issue was the mold and smell left in the front load washer.  It has something to do with the in ability of a front load washer to drain completely and evaporate the same way a top load does.  Front load washers close and LOCK their door completely to assure no water falls out during the wash cycle. Top load washers are more forgiving in being looser and allowing air flow to some extent.  I had this same problem for a while until I found a way with a rag or anything that could lodge in the door and keep it open to allow a good air flow at all times to dry up the machine and also run a vinegar rinse every once in a while to clean it up.  I have to admit - the front load washers an dyers look great, but if I could do it all again, I would keep my top load.  Find some way to crack the door(s) and allow air flow in on the front load machines, this should give you some relief.  :)

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