What's the difference between WOULD and WILL. ?

I have watched almost all the videos on youtube about this, I have even visited a lot of websites, but they always say the same thing.

-past habbits



-if clauses


I've known all of that,

But what about these sentences:


-The situation is 2 men argue about the future. 

Jafar: "We need to invade Shirabad!"

Sultan: "No!, You WOULD drag us into a war!"

Jafar: "you WOULD allow your kingdom to to sink into ruin just because they were once our ally?!"


-The situation is Jasmine discusses Jafar to her Handmaiden.

Jasmine: "Jafar's guards on every corner?!,  soon he WOULD have them invading our neighbors, risking lives, for what?!"


-The situation is the Sultan asks Jasmine to marry Prince Anders so he can have a successor. 

Sultan: "You must marry Prince Anders!"

Jasmine: "To rule?!, My pet tiger WOULD make a better ruler"


Why didn't they just use WILL instead,  I don't think that they are all imagining, nor talking about their past habbits, nor being polite, neither they belong to any category that the internet always gives me. 

I'm totally confused! 

Can anyone give me detailed answers about these? I just can't wrap my head around it. 

Thank You! 😊😊😊

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  • 1 month ago
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    In your first situation, the "if" part is implied. "If we invaded Shirabad, that would drag us into a war." "If we don't invade Shirabad, that would allow the kingdom to sink..." The sentences in that dialog are conditional- what would happen IF something else happened. 

    2 and 3 are imagining what would happen under certain conditions. You could substitute "will" in the second one, but definitely not in the third. It is impossible for the tiger to be a ruler. That one is sarcastic, too. 

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