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Will I be able to revive my dead business?

About 1/3 of my business was residential carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning. March-May (spring cleaning) are my busiest months. Did $400 in sales those three months. Normally it is $300-400 per day in this period. June and July are at about 10 percent of normal volume.

About 1/3 of my business is commercial carpet cleaning. Hotels, restaurants, libraries, stores, offices. I did one estimate since March, but $0 in sales. About 1/10th of my regulars have gone out of business. Surely more will at some point.

About 1/3 of my business is area rugs. Mostly fine wool, handmade area rugs directly from the customer is about half. The other half is machine made and smaller rugs done wholesale for drycleaners. That was close to nothing too, but has picked up better than anything else. 

I didn't hire any seasonal help this year. One of my two regular employees quit in February before COVID 19 because hours were very low as it was. My other has been on unemployment and the dock him the few days he works for me. I don't know when or if I can get him on a regular schedule. 

As it stands right now, he helps me one day for about 5 hours doing pick up and delivery of rugs. I wash the rugs alone. Once a week or so I do residential cleaning. Where I wash the rugs is in a very run down city, out suburbs of NYC. Most rugs come from inner and middle NYC suburbs. The warehouse is a dump. I painted the walls and floors in my work area. I repainted the floors in early April actually. 


My landlord cut my rent from $600 to $450 per month for 6 months (March-August) I was awarded a $100 grant for advertising from Google. A local business awarded me 20 hours of free marketing work. They are a micro brewery. Their sales rep spent half a week marketing my business for free. That did nothing. They gave me another 4 hours of their sales rep's time last week too. They gave out over 100 hours of their marketing department's time and $5,000 in cash.

Update 2:

Absolutely NO assistance from Local, State or Federal government whatsoever.

Update 3:

I made a Mailing in May. I have visited commercial accounts at least once per month, I cut Google ads from $600 a month to $450. I am broke, so it remains there. The payroll loan I'd have to pay back. I am an LLC. Revenue  $100,000 2012-2016. In 2017, about $75,000. In 2018 about $50,000. About $40,000 in 2019. Before COVID 19 I expected that I would at least hold steady. A miracle if I make $25,000. That's NY minimum wage, most jobs here there is no need for skilled or educated workers here.

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    "One of my two regular employees quit in February before COVID 19 because hours were very low as it was."

    Your business was in trouble BEFORE the pandemic.   Why?   Until you can identify and solve that problem, I don't think you're going to have much success.

    No one here is clairvoyant.   Go back to before the pandemic and figure out what was going wrong.

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    Did you get your free thousand dollars from the SBA? they're also offering $10,000 in a non-repayable grant type of loan go to the small business administration site and fill in your paperwork if you have it it only took me one day to get my money and I filled in the application in 5 minutes on a cell phone

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