Metal fans:what do you think of Euronymous?

He is(or was) one of my absolute favourite guitarist and musicians. It's quite obvious that he gets hate that he doesn't deserve. He seemed real, passionate, loyal, ambitious, strong-willed and determined. And qualities that many people lack. Including talent.  

And the whole Dead's skull was played up abit... I mean the remains were just left there.... Øystein had nothing to do with his decision...

But do I look like a female version of him?? Iwas wondering about which musicians look the most like me.


Ugh, you again, stalking me. Maybe I need to worry about getting killed myself, since you are definitely NOT a normal person. You scumbag FREAK.

And he had a girlfriend. So everything you say is corrupt bullshit.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think he was a communist homosexual who was a very average guitar player. After Varg killed him, even his bandmates went on record to say they thought he was a detestable human being. At first I thought you were just some lonely, fat loser who gravitated toward metal because you wanted to try to embrace being different, but now I see very clearly that you have very serious psychological problems. Your unhealthy obsession with a dead musician, your pathetic compulsion to identify with people from European countries you have no connection with, these are hallmark signs of serious mental and emotional issues. You should speak with a mental health professional. None of the idiocy you post here ever has anything to do with music. 

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