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Why did the U.S. and here Allies win WWII? What were the biggest factors? ?

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  • Fred
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    4 weeks ago

    Combined as Allies the Allies has a greater economic base, great resources.

    Germany didn't have an economy and resources to wage a prolonged war.

    Japan lacked the material resources to wage a prolonged war and was overpowered by the Allied might with unlimited material resources, oil, and economy no longer fighting a two front war. 

  • F
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    1 month ago

    1. Factories . The Allies factories esp USA could produce armaments in much greater quantity than the Germans . The Allies we’re increasing the number of planes and tanks they had on top of losses while the Germans struggled to even replace theirs.

    2. Oil.  The Allies controlled 90% of the world’s oil by the end of the war. Even the best tanks and planes are useless without fuel.

    3. Hitler himself. Not the greatest military man and refused to listen to more talented military commanders and made several crucial wrong decisions.

    4. Sheer numbers. USA and Russia had massively more men than the Germans.

    5. Code breakers and the enigma machine. Being able to read German 

    Secret radio transmissions was a massive advantage.  

    Several other factors undoubtedly.

  • 1 month ago

    The biggest factors were that Germany was targeted for war and the Allies used an encirclement tactic to divide Hitler's forces so that in the end he had no effective defense.

    People who cite Hitler's attempt to take over the Soviet Union needs to open their history books back to the era of the Weimar Republic - this is when Communism was trying to force itself on Germany when Germany had been weakened by the Versailles Treaty.

    Stalin's agenda was to spread Communism into Europe and then further to the West. He was partially successful after the war when the Western Allies handed him half of Germany

    This is the reason there were so many revolutions in Germany at the time. The Nazis were just one of the many revolutionary groups. They were successful because they were the only ones who wanted to give Germany back to the German people after it was illegally denied the international right of sovereignty by the Versailles Treaty.

    Hitler did nothing to provoke declarations of war other than try and exercise rights that rightfully belonged to Germany.

    Of course, there are those who disagree with this - most because their knowledge of history is not very far above rudimentary and they only understand what they learned in their high school history books.

    Most of those in here are in "auto-denial" mode. They have been fed a one-sided narrative and refuse to consider any facts that don't align with their way of thinking. They suffer from cognitive dissonance.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They far outnumbered Germany in soldiers, war machines, and supplies. And Hitler made the mistake of getting involved in a three-front war.

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  • xyzzy
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    1 month ago

    Mostly it was due to German mistakes. 1. Dunkirk. If the "Halt Order" had not been given  both the French and British armies could have been destroyed on the beaches. 2. Declaring war on the US after Pearl Harbor. If Germany had not declared war the US would had focused on its war with Japan and greatly reduced the help it supplied to the Allies. 3. Attaching Russia before defeating Britain and having to face a two front war.  4. If Operation Barbarossa had started in May as planned instead of delaying over a month there is a good chance the Germans could have taken Moscow before the rainy season.

  • 1 month ago

    Hitler invoked "total war"

    Total war, as opposed to limited war, is used to describe warfare that mobilizes all of the resources of society to fight the war, including any and all civilian-associated resources and infrastructure, and gives priority to what the state requires for warfare over the needs of non-combatants

    Problem is while everyone mobilized all their resources Germany had a limited resonse eg didn't allow women to work in the factories... the thinking being they would be bigger contributors by breeding the future cannon fodder.

    The allies therefore won by attrition.

    Tigers might have a 5:1 kill ratio over Shermans, but we had enough Shermans.

    We had more oil; their Navy cannot leave port and their Air Force can't fly or train.

    etc down the line...

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    By having the great good fortune of allowing its allies to do most of the fighting.

  • 1 month ago

    The size of the German army drastically reduced when they opened the Russian front,  bad strategy decisions elsewhere factored in as well. 

  • Nancy
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    1 month ago

    The Allies won because won because of Hitler's arrogance resulted in him overplaying his hand and making a series of unforced errors, those errors being:

    1. From 1925 on, continually tipping his hand as to his bloodlust for the USSR  

    2. Invading Poland 

    3. Invading Russia

    4. Having Japan bomb Pearl Harbor 

  • Scott
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    1 month ago

    Productivity was a big factor. The US mainland was not invaded by foreign powers. So the United States was free to use its industrial might to produce weapons of war.

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