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when to try for baby number two?

i’m a young woman, with a 9 month old baby. i’d like to go to university, but i want my children close in age, and i would rather not get pregnant while studying. so my question is, shall i have my next baby before or after school? ideally, i was thinking to study while my kids are in school, though i know it’s hard. what things are considered before planning a pregnancy?

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    Have second baby soon and then you have plenty time to go to uni but consider when they are at school and you are at uni you will be sent on work placements for whichever degree you are doing so you will need a back up to care for the kids - my daughter was and older student doing a medical degree and she had 2 kids, one was old enough to watch themselves but several times I had to have the younger one overnight due to daughters work placements and basically the kids suffered for the 3 years she was at uni as most of her time was spent studying.

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    If you only want two children, then the choice will be to either have your second one soon to get the baby/toddler stage over with as soon as possible so that they can start daycare/preschool and you can focus on school, or to have a substantial age gap so that you can complete your education in between. However, if you plan to work once you graduate, having a second baby may find that challenging.

    Personally I have an almost 5 year age gap between my kids (it wasn't planned that way, I wanted 2-3 years but baby #2 took a very long time to happen), and although I see a lot of benefits in having a larger age gap, there are some drawbacks, too. Starting over with the baby stage after your older one is more independent can be somewhat jarring. However, I finished my education and started my career several years before having kids, so I've never had to make a choice between which goals I want to pursue.

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    we found 3 years between them works well, then the little one can 'help' ..........

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