Do you separate your clothes to prevent dye wash on each other...?

Do you separate strongly coloured clothes from light colours etc?. I was getting ready to go out a while ago and my baggy jeans had light pink dye stains all over them, I was annoyed.

I pulled out this pink summer dress and a strongly dyed black silky top as the culprit and put them in a different bag.

And also does dried perfume stain clothes if it was included with other clothes that has no perfume. I have this red perfume from a few months back and it was staining inside my white jeans jacket everytime I wore that black silky top (wet with perfume), I didn't realise until it made my jacket have red patches inside.

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    It is only light and dark that should be separated, but heavy and light clothes.

    You should not be washing blue jeans in with blue dress shirts. I would never out a light weight cotton summer dress and a silky top on with denim. The denim causes wear and tear on the other garments.

    Usually a garment only bleeds and runs in the wash the first time it is washed. It can also transfer dye if you leave you wet clothes in the washer too long.

    Perfume isn’t going to transfer in the wash cycle. 

    Red perfume??? I have never seen perfume that has a color dye added to it. 

    Chances are when you sweat the dye for the black top transferred red dye to your white jacket. The alcohol in the perfume could of reacted with the black dye in the silky top. Black dye can have red in it. Why was the top wet with perfume?  Usually you spray your body and the perfume dries rather quickly 

    Of the black top is a problem wash it by itself with some white vinegar in the washer.

    It can help set the dye.

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