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Karate is full of too many mcdojos and it is a flawed technique, true or false?

The other day i saw a man walking out of his karate class. He then started having a conversation with another guy who was just standing around, and the guy said something like "Karate is no good man, its full of too many mcdojos, you should try wresting if you want to learn self defense"

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    I would say technically "true".... but the same could be said for every martial art and self-defense system.  

    You can find no shortage of clubs and schools that are just money-making ventures or glorified daycare centers in Judo, Tae Kwan Do, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well.  That's just the nature of the business.

    The fact that a good amount of pop music is crap does not mean that music itself has no value. The "good" in Karate is there, but it's entirely on you to find and make use of it.

    Most multi-discipline practitioners will admit that ALL systems have their flaws, which is why many develop their own hybrid systems (Bruce Lee, for example). The point is knowing your own goals and expectations.

    From a pure self defense standpoint, Karate may seem limited but the same could easily be said for wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu.  While grappling and ground skills are good to know, most self defense instructors I've known will tell you that they are a poor first option.

    Chuck Norris once called the ground "the great equalizer" because once you end up there "technique goes out the window and too many bad things can happen."

    Think about it, if attacked by a mugger with a knife do you really want to use wrestling techniques?  If you get into a bar fight, do you really think going to the ground and letting the guy's five buddies pile on you is your best first option?

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    "You shouldn't get a high-paying job because there are too many people who spend money unwisely." That's what the guy sounds like.

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    If a technique doesn't work its because you applied wrong or you used it for the wrong application. All techniques work when you use them for the correct situation and apply them correctly 

    As for mcdojo's you can find that in any style even in mma, there are three mma schools by me that are mcdojo's . but they are not as many as you think there are in karate. TKD has far more mc dojo's.

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