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Why aren’t we getting a fully effective COVID 19 antiviral faster?

This is WAR! Why doesn’t the US aggressively fast track antivirals for covid.

We know of a bunch of compounds that might work as antivirals and such labs have found them

We don’t know if any of them have dangerous side effects or toxic, but why. It just directly test them in patients to save Months or YEARS off the drug development cycle.

In chess ♟ as in war one sometimes has to sacrifice game pieces in order to win. If we sacrificed ten thousand to save a million, isn’t that a fair bargain. D Day had a high cost but it helped win the war.

The sooner you end a war the better, the same can be said for a pandemic. People would be proud to have had someone from their community “among the heroes” that will “pass into legend”. That’s how America used to work?

Why can’t America be as courageous as it used to be? Did they know the moon rocket 🚀 would work? NO and America did lose some astronauts. Why can’t we sacrifice a few to save many in fast tracking a “magic pill” antiviral to stop COVID

China 🇨🇳 has the courage that America lacks to do such a thing. Why did America lose its courage. People would say that “we sacrifice the poor” yet the poor can improve their situation if they don’t want to be poor anymore. Look at Frank Sinatra, the Andrews Sisters and the Wright Brothers. They went rags to riches.

Why isn’t America being brave in this fight? No great achievement can be reached without sacrifice.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    There is NO ANTIVIRAL made yet.  This is not a FLU.  This is harder to treat than a flu and so far the plasma they have received from patients who pulled through is not  long lasting.  Maybe 3 days and there is no trace of the antibodies from that person.  So the body barely could figure it out to fight it.

    .   That is what scientists do is analyze the antibodies and make more of the same BUT THERE IS HARDLY ANYTHING TO WORK WITH.

    The U.S. is not the only country looking for a solution.  Name a country and they have a medical laboratory working on this problem, some more advanced than the U.S.   Everybody is experimenting to figure this out.

    They do not sacrifice human lives because that may not work for everyone.  We stopped sacrificing humans since the Aztecs.  "They were big into beating hearts"

    "Did they know the moon rocket 🚀 would work? NO and America did lose some astronauts. "  Those are the ones they let you know about.  You have forgotten about others who did not get off the launch pad before they burnt up or exploded.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I think that the President of the United States made himself a guinea pig to try out a viral drug to see if it would work. Yet, he gets criticized for doing it. It took courage for him to risk his own life. Even if he doesn't wear a face mask it could be part of the trial period testing. No reports of him having covid19 so far unless it's private. Each human is not the same so there has to be more than one testing going on and each participant may be under different regiments. I am going to assume each participant is getting the covid19 virus into their system on purpose and than they wait two weeks and administer the temporary viral drug to see if it would work. The testing is probably private as well so no panic will occur if they don't have enough vaccine to give to people who want that vaccine. I am going to assume those who do not wear a face mask will not get the covid19 vaccine. I feel as though this viral drug is ready but who's going to pay for it. Most insurance companies here in the US do not cover all medical needs. I feel this drug will be ready for sale after the election in November. I feel that the pharmaceutical companies will put a huge price on it unless Congress makes it free for a year. The question I would be asking is that if they give it to the most at risk and that person dies from a car accident would they have wasted a vaccine? I feel this is why it's not on the market because they have to figure out who will get this vaccine and how many could die from this vaccine. Also, how do we not know if those already with covid19 was given this vaccine and they eventually died from the vaccine even though they have volunteers for this trial drug. I am not a scientist just as curious as you would be on the why is it taking so long for a resolution to this virus pandemic.

  • L
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    1 month ago

    COVID-19 hit at the end of 2019.  Now, the Democrats are just scarring everyone into thinking we will be locked down until a vaccine is developed.....B.S.!  The Democrats want Socialism/Communism.  ALL of America is FINE and we need to MOVE ON.

  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    They fast-tracked thalidomide and we know what happened there.  

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  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    We don't want to kill more people unnecessarily. There are tests going on, but vaccines work differently in different people.

  • 1 month ago

    This ain't a Hollywood movie, kid.  It doesn't work that way in real life.

    Take a look at the vaccine for the common flu.  It took decades for teams of scientists to come up with that one, and it's still a 50-50 at best.  And there is still no cure for the flu, in fact there will probably never be one.

  • Jeff D
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    1 month ago

    I don't know where you're from, but many antiviral drugs and vaccines are being fast-tracked in the US.  In addition, the US recently purchased the entire world supply of Remdesivir, the current leading antiviral drug against the Coronavirus.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Covid-19 is getting better among people not afraid.

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