What is best decorating ideas for your balcony?

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  • 2 months ago

    To make the balcony look like a extention of your home and to be drawn to it as a focal point when you walk into the room is not a difficult task.

    I would decorate it, first with an outdoor rug, then a small seating area (depending on size..maybe two small chairs or one bench) using outdoor fabrics to your liking that compliment the indoor decor. Select light airy seating as not to block too much of the sunlight that goes into the room.

    If it is sunny exposure, and you like cooking, then potted herbs would be fantastic to grow out there. You may want plants with a fragrance so the scent can wallow indoors. If you need privacy, hanging plants can help.  I love the look of window boxes with flowering plants cascading down. If you do have plants on your balcony, please be mindful of the people below (if that is the case) and use plant coasters and water directly into the dirt of the pot so neighbors below are not effected by over watering that disrupts their personal space. Also, no bird feeders as the droppings from birds will not be appreciated by the balcony owners below.

    If there is an overhang and you want some privacy,  you may want to hang a plastic rattan style shade.

    You can use staked solar lights in your plants or maybe set out a candle (only candles sold in jars with lids) if there presently is no outdoor lighting.

    Basically, pretend the balcony is a small room and decorate it to your taste, like you did in the rest of your house.

  • elhigh
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    2 months ago

    There is no "best."  Decorating is an expression of the homeowner's personality and style.  So let the decor suit YOU and let the ridiculous notion of "best" fall by the wayside.

    I can tell you what would be best for me, you read it over once and go, "ew.  I'm not doing that, no way."  So you see "best" is going to be highly individual. 

    Choose what YOU like and that's that.

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