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if this is not a stroke what is this?

TL;DR - (please read it) I partially and temporarily lost my sight and hearing ??

ok so like this has only happened to me twice but it started this year, and it felt like it was starting to happen about an hour ago but then it stopped. So you know that thing that happens when you stand up too quickly and your eyes get all weird and your head feels heavy? Well that’s what happens except I dont just stand up. I also partially lose my hearing. I don’t know what this is and I’ve searched up my symptoms and things it could be but it doesn’t seem like any of those. What I’ve noticed is that everytime it happened I had been standing up for a while, also 2 of those times I was losing blood so it could be related to that, but it wouldn’t explain the one time where I wasn’t losing blood. 

also pls don’t waste an answer on saying I should go to the doctor. I might go but I want to know what it is before I go

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    You could have either very low blood pressure, or anemia related to the blood loss. Either of these are easily treated but you NEED TO SEE THE DOCTOR. 

    Any loss of blood significant enough to cause dizziness requires immediate evaluation. Dizziness that is either causing fainting or loss of vision NEEDS to be evaluated. The longer you wait, the worse this makes it for you, and you could pass out with no one around.

    Even if you are not losing blood, you need to be seen. Also be sure you are eating enough and drinking water and some sort of natural fruit juice.

    Of course, we do not know what this is, because we ARE NOT DOCTORS. That is why you need to see your doctor, who is there for your benefit and help. If this happens again, you may need to go to the ER or prompt care.

    Low blood pressure; anemia; low blood sugar; dehydration; many other things. The problem is that there are a LOT of things that can cause the very same symptoms. You can look and look for what this might be and then be very wrong. While you are looking, a doctor could be treating whatever is wrong, rather than guessing and wasting time.

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