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How do you feel about making fun of The Eye of Argon, knowing that the author was put through the wringer over the story?

I used to enjoy making fun of it, but then I realised the author, Jim Theis was only a teenager when he wrote it, he published it in a small magazine where he never expected it to get so well-known, other authors took it and published it as a proper book without his consent or knowledge in order to make fun of it more, and he ended up becoming incredibly depressed and disillusioned with his writing as a result of the whole thing. Considering how many young authors start out writing crap and get better over time, I find it sad that he was bullied out of writing more before he had a chance to improve, and so I don't quite enjoy laughing at the book anymore, especially knowing how it was maliciously published by others.The book is really funny for sure, so I don't judge people for enjoying it, but I'm curious as to whether it's just me who finds the whole thing too troubling to want to participate in the mocking of it?

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  • Andrew
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    I don't see the point of making fun of anything I don't happen to like. Essentially I give such things no thought at all. I don't know anything about the book in question, or the author, but it really doesn't serve any purpose to make fun of something just because you don't enjoy it. There are millions of books in the world. Why waste time with the ones you aren't interested in reading and enjoying? 

  • Ludwig
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    That is one theory.  There are others about that writer and his talents.   A little odd that he should be so surprised that it was published when his family were er, ... publishers.

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    The apotheosis of many de-fined do make a sump shones 

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