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Is this an auditory hallucination? ?

So obviously we all have internal thoughts, and then we have a conscience as well that helps us make decisions through out the day. But is it normal to have a third voice in your head that isn’t your thoughts, and tells you do hurt yourself? 

I need to make it very clear that these thoughts/voices are coming from INSIDE my head. They are almost like thoughts but something I have no control over. 

It’s like the evil version of me that hates me and wants me to harm myself. 

I really hate when people say that I’m hearing voices because I don’t think it’s a voice. It’s just thoughts that I don’t control and that tell me bad things.

Can anyone help/relate???

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    Yes. I describe my voices as, "auditory hallucinations occurring in different vocal tones than my own vocal narrative." Their intrusion, is whilst doing something you hear a voice say something like, "Your a failure" something negative, or something very random and distracting, like "Get those golf balls under the sofa." 1. Negative/harmful 2. Spurious/distracting. I have been a schizophrenic now for 9 years. I take medication, and do many other things to assuage symptoms.

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    Voices in the head are generally associated with schizophrenia, especially the kind that you describe. 

    If you want some peace, then start with your MD.

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    It is not normal thought no. It also is not quite auditory hallucination,  even though it is hallucinating.  You are having psychotic episodes that need to be told to a qualified doctor. You see, the thing right now is you know it is not "real" BUT if you do not get some help , it is possible to get to a point where you won't be able to tell the dif. .Take care of yourself and get to the doctor . This is not something to put off. I wish you the best.

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    That sounds like an intrusive thought.  Intrusive thoughts are considered to be a form of OCD.  OCD is much more complicated than the way it's portrayed in the media.  Don't be embarrsed to ask for help.  There are lots of support forums online.  Try to find one with a similar profile to your own as with these kinds of things it really helps to talk to someone around the same age having similar experiences without having to stop every five minutes to explain what an app is or if that thing is a food or band.

    @Still Standing, The fact that she identifies it as her own voice like a third self makes it more likely to be instrusuve thoughts than psychosis which most people experience as an outsider in the head.  Intrusive thoughts are considered a subset of OCD but it's nothing like obessively counting steps or needing to get the lightswitches even.  OCD is much more complicated than the way it's presented in popular culture.  Anyway, this person should definitely speak to a professional, but I think they will recognise themselves in a sipport forum and be less freaked out once they do recognise themselves.

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    An auditory hallucination is very different from thinking. It's as if someone else is in the room that you can't see. Whether or not you're having auditory hallucinations, a voice telling you to hurt yourself is a bad sign.

    There's not enough in your question to say exactly what your problem is. You might be depressed. I would talk this over with a doctor. 

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    Yes it is, and no it' s not "normal".  Worldwide , dozens of millions of people know the experience though. Some take medication for it

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    Most people cant control their thoughts. You have to control the actions you take. I don't know for sure but I would bet if everyone knew anybodies thoughts it would be shameful or embarrassing to that person. We all have thoughts that others would be shocked about but we also would be shocked in a different way about their thoughts. If you are struggling with your thoughts of self harm you should tell someone that will help you cope with this. Some people can get help through just talking to a friend. Some others might need a support group. I have known people in my life time that needed medication, doctors, and even hospitalization. It all depends on the situation and your personal needs. The most important thing you have to realize is your not less then anyone else and your not at fault for struggling with your thoughts and emotions. I know this isn't much but i hope in some small way it will hit home. PS I wish you the very best.   

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    I suggest that you visit a psychologist to help you get rid of these thoughts. Don't worry, it's not an unusual thing.

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    It sounds as if you're experiencing intrusive thoughts not auditory hallucinations.

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