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Do you think it would be possible to be in a successful New Wave band today?

Me and my band are thinking about going new wave music, a long side our current metal music and we would like to get successful.

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    Why not?

    Talking to young people I see revived interest in 1980s music generally, not just new wave. However, that new wave of yours should bring a modern twist, it shouldn't be a mere copy of oldies. Let's call it "neo new wave". Think of how fashion in clothing repeats itself. Since 1970s bellbottoms and platform shoes returned more than once yet every time in a different new way. If one just put on something from a granddad's wardrobe as it is, that would be just outdated if not silly. See how Prince and Lenny Kravitz related to Hendrix or Oasis to 1960s bands. Or how Duft Punk flirt with 1970s funk. When they appeared, they sounded somehow familiar, yet they were modern.

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    Being that New Wave isn't much of a thing right now (though not completely dead) but unless you can make it stand out or work it into your Metal like the band Dirty Shirt probably not.

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    It depends on your definition of success.

    Being played on mainstream, top-40 radio, signing a multi-million dollar record deal, selling out 50,000+ seat stadiums, and being filthy rich and famous everywhere?  I seriously doubt it.

    Being huge in the underground scene, regularly selling out small clubs or even medium-sized venues, signing with an indie label and having a good amount of record sales, and being played on college radio stations?  Sure.

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    If the Bieb can make it, anyone can. The question is whether you WILL make it or not. That depends a lot on how good you guys are and it also depends a little on whether you get the opportunity. In the old days, people have to give demo tapes to a lot of music business execs and hope for the best. Nowadays, people can make it using Youtube or other online resources. 

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    If you want to make it big in the music world and for someone to invest in you you first must be tested, there is no open door.....If you can draw a crowd to not only dance but just to listen also .......I say you are a winner....

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