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How much should a game developer spend on building their own pc?

I plan on building my own pc. I was planning on spending like 10 thousand dollars but then I was thinking that might be too much for a beginner, (I don't even know how to code yet and never built a computer before.) So how much should I spend on building one?


Oh yes I forgot to mention I plan on using my pc for developing games, mainly Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

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    Search on line for forums of advanced games players and programmers, see suggestions from them.

    For good results, you should contact and get quotes from professionals who make fast systems. 

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    The only thing you really need more of is memory since when running programs they have the debugging removed from it to take less space, but programs will have extra debugging information in it so you can see more info about what's running in your program which takes up more memory to keep track of.

    I built a machine 3 years ago for about $3,500 that had the best CPU I could get at the time, the best GPU I could get at the time (both liquid-cooled, but that's optional), 64 GB RAM, and more hard drive space than most people would ever need (I do a lot of video and audio editing, and wanted to future-proof the PC).

    I would look into getting as much RAM as possible, but other than that, any normal gaming PC should be fine.  You should be able to get what you need for $2,000 or so, maybe more if you go top-of-the-line GPU (they'll be about 1/3-1/2 of your total budget).

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    You don't need any more powerful machine to develop them than to play them.

    In fact purely on the programming side, you don't need a powerful machine at all.

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