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Is High Ping A Sign That Someone Is Monitoring My Computer?

For some time I've suspected that someone is monitoring my computer (either through spyware or whatever)

Around the same time I started to suspect this was also when my ping in online video games drastically increased.

I just want to know, if it turns out that someone is in fact monitoring me, is high ping a sign of this? I know it just might be internet issues and nothing more.

But I just want to know......does high ping usually occur when someone's computer is being monitored? Maybe because more packets of data are being sent?

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  • 1 month ago

    A high ping is a sign of some network problem.  Odds of it being someone monitoring you are VERY very very low.

    Connect a computer directly to the modem.  Reboot the modem.  Do your ping test again.  If it is still high, call your ISP.  They will guide you through more test and possibly send a technician.  They have a place you can ping and an expected range of ping times for your neighborhood.

    Then soon as this test is done, GET THAT COMPUTER OFF the modem.  It is rather vulnerable when directly connected.  Kinda like taking a shower in the front yard on a busy highway and expecting no one to notice.

  • Dave
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    1 month ago

    Highly unlikely anyone is monitoring your PC, unless you're a child living at home and your parents are using something to monitor you with.

    Regardless, no, it wouldn't affect your ping.

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