Fire tab will let you type in where you want to go on the internet, when you click on the site to open it, it takes you back to the desktop.?

I type in what I want to look for in the internet, I click on any type of link, it takes me right back to the Fire desktop. It's a new 2015 Fire tab 7 (yes, it was never used). Anyway, I used it to just test it out about three times. It downloaded Alexa without me asking it to do so when I charged it. Alexa worked twice, now it won't work, but my bigger problem was the 1st issue. How to fix? Parental controls are not on, and yes, I did stop Alexa even though it wasn't doing anything, and you can't uninstall and reinstall in case that is the issue apparently. In settings, Alexa turned itself back on, even though it still won't work. Weird, I would like it to work, but again, the internet issue is my concern. Any help is appreciated. 😊

1 Answer

  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    the Silk browser is not very goid. if you can, i recommend getting Chrome.

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