What kind of electrical upgrades for 2000 watts rms?

I have 2 audio legion 1600.1ds that I am going to strap together to give me a final load at 4 ohms rated at 2000 watts I plan on wiring down in the future but for now what alternator/ battery will I need I have a 06 ford focus zx3 big 3 done as well as everything being 0/1 ofc wire.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Doubling the amplifier power does not double the loudness. In order to do that you would require 10 times more power. That's a basic law of physics and there's no way around it.  At best, a 2000 watt system will only be twice as loud as a 200 watt system. FACT.

    At most, your planned system is only going to be 20% louder than with one amp, and that would only occur at full output, which your ears could not tolerate for more than 30 seconds or so without risking permanent hearing damage.  At normal listening levels you probably wouldn't notice the increased power at all, so adding a second amp and having to spend several hundred on a high output alternator is a waste of money. Using 0/1 ofc wire was total overkill and also a complete waste of money.  

    An intelligent person would improve their system by sound-deadening their noisy car interior, they would use a high efficiency sub-woofer driven by a moderately powered amplifier that doesn't require an upgraded alternator, and they would mount the sub in a heavy-wall custom enclosure specifically designed to extract peak performance from the subwoofer.

    And another thing - a high output alternator puts more drag on the car engine, reducing the fuel economy. Another waste of money for only a 20% increase in maximum bass output. 

    But of course you're obviously not an intelligent lad so I've completely wasted my time on you.  

  • That's great that the big 3 is completed with OFC wiring. It depends on what voltage you're gonna be running this 2k watt system on.

    12.0V = 200-210 amp alt.

    13.0V = 190-200 amp alt.

    14.4V = 180-190 amp alt.

    15.0V = 170-180 amp alt.

    16.0V = 160-170 amp alt.

    17.0V = 150-160 amp alt.

    18.0V = 140-150 amp alt.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    find another car/truck that has the same motor and HOPE there was a optional hi-output alternator available ..................

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