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Reasons to stop smoking weed/sucess stories on quitting?

I already know life is better without it in the long run. Ive quit before and felt great after a month or so. Then I let myself get back into it when I got stressed out. My job doesnt prevent me from smoking or anything, I just think I spend too much time and money on it. So I need some external motivation. Its hard to get external motivation in real life because 95% of my friends and family smoke If I had the discipline to only smoke once a week, I would, but I cant help but to do it every day. Which has made it a problem. 

Disclaimer: Im not against smoking. I've just came to the realization that i dont have the discipline to not let it affect my motivation. 

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    Find something that needs to get done. Study up and purchase what you need. The day you have everything ready, wake up and just say "nah not gonna smoke today", and go do it. I quit smoking weed after I had to do a head gasket replacement on my Honda. That took 3 days of work. On day 4 I had fix the drywall and re-paint my room. Day 5, 6 and 7 I ethernetted my whole house with gigabit networking. etc. The second you smoke weed, you lose all the motivation and you stop. So you have this half-finished job and no energy to finish it. The lameness of that is what makes you stop smoking. And the awesomeness of getting sh^t done is what makes you keep going.

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    You're guessing as to whether life is better without it.  If that's really true, you'll probably quit, and do other things for your well being.  People are that way.

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