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My ex girlfriend and me didn't have sex while dating and i regret and i feel jealous when i think she'll do it with someone else. How to sto?

How to stop this feeling? It was a long distance relationship but we met twice in real life, at the first we tried but she was so worried about his mother sunddly show up, at the second one we wasn't kinda dating anymore, she told me she lost attraction for me. Worst feeling ever. We talk every days yet, she told me she would live with me easily but she wouldn't have sex. Oh man when i heard this i was completly dead inside. I remember at the begining of the relationship how she wished me and wanted me to be the one but now im nothing. I'm kinda stuck at these thoughts. I can't stop thinking about her with somebody else

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  • martin
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    5 months ago

    Either she wants to marry you before going to bed, or she is a very unrealistic person to say she wants to live with you without going to bed.

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