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What do you think of the 30 years war? ?

It was the Deadliest "European" war before ww1.'_War


To this day it also remains the 3rd bloodliest European war.

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    It was somewhat stupid, especially when we consider that they spent 30 years slitting each other's throats, because they could not agree on what happened after the throats were slit.  And when it ended, there was no change, except that one additional religion was allowed to start sharing in the loot collected from superstitious people.

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    3rd bloodliest European war

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    England/British Isles/UK spent 650 of the first 950 years following the Norman invasion, at war.

    The last peace time for the UK was 1931 and the longest period of peace time was in the 14th century - a few decades.  Currently Operation Shader has been ongoing since 2014.

    One war does not really stand out.

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    8 million people were killed in that war, including twenty percent of the German population

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    It wasn't bad. I've seen better. The uniforms were OK, but the food was awful. All in all I'd give it a 4 out of 10. Hope this helped.

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    Glad I wasn't in it!!

    It did lead to a treaty in which the signatories agreed not to go to war OVER RELIGION again. And this has been kept since 1648.

    Glad something good came out of this long war. Thirty years war 1618-- 1648. It did lead to the Netherlands constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. Because of the destruction caused by religious war.

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    The French war of religion 1562 wasn't as bad as the thirty years war 1618, but it was another awful war in Europe. Around 3 million died in that French war!

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    It was a harsh war. It took Europe over 60 years to recover.

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    It was the Deadliest Religious war in Europe!

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    A prime example of the ruin that religion can wreak on the world.

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