Gaming console or Gaming pc?

I can't decide shall i upgrade my decent pc which is running out of memory and needs more upgrades for bigger games, or get a new console (I have a PlayStation 2)?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Gaming PC i would prefer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Its mostly preference. PCs will always be dominate when it comes to performance and controls, but when it comes to consoles they give you the "most bang for your buck"

    Its gonna be pretty hard to get a good PC that can out-perform the next gen consoles for under 1000$. If you go the PC route your gonna spend a lot of $$$. I personally have spent well over 7k of just upgrading over the past 7 years (its probs not that much for normal people but i like to have newer hardware and i got the money).If you're financial situation is good and you want high FPS, or God tier graphics, or if your looking to stream, go for PC. Plus PCs are multipurpose and there is a lot you can do with one.But if you just play games casually and don't really care about graphics or FPS go for console, but definitely wait for the next gen consoles coming out later this year or early next year.   

  • Lex
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    1 month ago

    If you have a Playstation 2, I will offer to buy that from you. But that is neither here nor there.

    Gaming consoles are a bit different than from back in ye olden days of the Playstation 2. There are a lot of things to consider when determining whether to buy a game console now or a PC. It's best to think of a console as a multi-Media device with its primary purpose is to play games. 

    1. What do you want to do with the system? Because consoles have become multi-media devices (which is a good thing by the way) then you need to consider the capabilities of that system. The Playstation can now act as a BluRay and as well as getting apps like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. While my PC could technically runt these things too, it really does lag with the multimedia. For example, I cannot get a BluRay player to work on my PC. The protocols are pretty messed up. But that's okay. I have a Playstation 3.

    If you're into doing emulation or want to mix songs or whatever, then you probably should consider a PC. 

    2. What services are offered? It used to be you buy a game, put the game in and play. Now you have services like Xbox Live and Playstation Plus and Steam and GOG. Become familiar with these services, where they're offered, how much they cost, what they offer and how they work. Steam and GOG is only for the PC and Playstation Plus is for the Playstation. All of them offer great perks. Steam offers great sales. GoG is great for retro PC gamers, and both xBox Live offers a great online platform for competitive play and Playstation Plus... I guess they give you a free game once in awhile.

    3. Research the games you want to play. Exclusives are one thing. But even if they're not exactly an exclusive title, you also want to consider if the platform you choose is offering the games you're interested in the best form possible. Most games wind up on PC eventually, but not always in the best form possible. Don't get me started on the Infamous PC launch of Arkham Knight. And this is nothing new. Mortal Kombat was ported to both the SEGA and SNES, but SNES simply did not have the best version of the game. So consider that carefully.

    4. Are you okay with tinkering with things? When I built my first PC, I had no idea how much tinkering I would have to do on the system! Again, consoles are already optimized to play the games as is. PC's require a level of tinkering to get things to work right.

  • 1 month ago

    IDK, that depend on what games you want to play, what framerate you're comfortable with, etc?

    I'd like to see the specs of your current PC to see if an upgrade is worth your time or not. If you're rolling with a PC that has an AMD FX processor then probably not. RAM is cheap at the moment and you can still get a decent Video card like the RX 580 for a fairly good price.

    There are new consoles that will most likely come out later this year. Do you want one a PS5 or are you willing to go with a PS4? You can get a PS4 or XBox One for a decent enough price. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Do you prefer a mouse/keyboard or a joystick?  Do you have other things you can use a PC for?  In terms of bang for the buck, you get a better system for less money if you go with a gaming system.  If you have money to spare (the video card alone will cost more than the gaming console) you can build a PC that his higher performance and more immersive visually.

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