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Was Russia created by finno-ugric people, and are finno-ugric people white or Asian?

I read an article saying that Russia's origin isn't from Kievan Rus but from finno-ugric tribes in the land of rostov-suzdal. These tribes were the muromians, merya, and others. The article asserted that these finno-ugric tribes created Moscow and that Russia began with Moscow. 

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    Yes, that's right. But only partly. Actually, they were Kelvinian-Russomajoran Ulgars from Murmania Minor, sort of crossed with Suzerainal-Firtree Kevincostnir Mermaids from the land of Finno-Meerkatorans. Or at least that's what *I* read in an article. I'm not going to tell you what article it was, though. Still, I hope this helped answer your anon question.

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