whats the solution to my eyes hurting using my LCD computer monitor?

for many many months now ive had the problem of my eyes hurting and aching when looking at my lcd 22 inch computer monitor....and im not sure why this is happening as ive used a desktop computer for 14 years and this never happened in the past.....im not wearing glasses for my monitor because the opticians have been closed in the lockdown and i need new glasses.

but what is the true answer to this problem? i bought some blue light blocking glasses made by prospek from amazon, but they didn't help.

other things ive heard could help by yahoo users, is; get some glasses for the computer with an intermediate lens......or an anti glare screen to put over my computer monitor, ive seen a few on amazon.........or blue light blocking software you can download.

what is the solution to my eyes hurting and aching using my 22 inch LCD computer monitor?

im also a male and in my early forties.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Consider maybe lowering the brightness on your display, or use the software f.lux to reduce blue light and increase warm colors.

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