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How can i get weed at 14?

I'm 14 and i smoked weed a couple times but that was only like 3 months ago. But i want some more weed now but i can't get any because i highly doubt that anybody will sell it to a 14 yr old. But i really need it because it's fun and it calms me down when I'm stressed out. I've tried asking my older siblings if they could get weed for me and they said No. so i really don't know how else i can get weed on my own. And please don't tell me not to smoke weed because this is my life and my brain and i can do whatever the hell i want with my life. I just wanna know how i can get some weed if I'm still underage.

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  • Da
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    1 month ago

    You don't have to buy it. Just ask a pro-marijuana burnout for a few buds. Im sure the low life will give you some 

  • 1 month ago

    try to find people who smoke weed and ask them like your friends, or there could be people at your school that sell. But honestly it’s a really bad habit to start at 14, just take CBD if u want to relax 

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