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What volume would you have to put on your AV home theater receiver for to measure peak SPL with a subwoofer?

I really want to know this because I am studying this field of Audio and I am also curious, what would be the average distance from speakers and receiver volume for measuring peak SPL mainly I’m trying see the SPL rating on my JL Audio e110 subwoofer. Is there a specific rule?

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    There is no specific volume setting for this.  


    You would need to find the exact point at which the cone 

    reached its maximum excursion 

    and use a sound level meter to measure the SPL. 


    Doing something like this the right way is not a practical matter for an amateur. 

    Relying on manufacturers' specifications is your best bet. 

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    Subwoofers are kind of difficult to measure mostly because they cause too many room nodes and standing waves.... So depending on the size and shape of the room and where you put the sub woofer and mic it will measure differently...In certain areas of the room you will get reinforcement making the subwoofer  measure louder while other areas of the room will cause nulls making the sub-woofer sound quieter...It is also frequency dependent as different frequencies will create a different set of standing waves.. So subwoofers are usually best measured outside with out obstructions...You can usually hear the effects of standing waves by moving around the room while playing some bass heavy music, you will notice the bass getting louder and quieter depending on what part of the room your in. Also the effect and frequency of standing waves will differ from room to room depending on the size and shape of the room.....Also most microphones are incapable of measuring the output of a subwoofer and so it requires a special microphone, even professionals will almost always measure the output of the subwoofer separately from the other speakers using a different mic...The usually distance  for measurement is one meter away with one watt input but often professionals will use techniques to get accurate measures on subwoofers like windscreens or reversing the direction of the mic...Also most professionals use anechoic chambers to measure...

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    Pay attention to your teacher and study your textbook if you are studying this field.

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