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Swallow reflex absent ?

I was eating some chewy candy, so i bit off a small amount i was chewing, and i don't know how but a small piece of it slipped down my throat. I'm sure I didn't swallow it (I was still chewing other bits at the front of my mouth) and I didn't even "gulp" (you know the swallow reflex you have..), I just felt the candy slip down my throat, and since it's kinda sticky it felt like it sat there for a couple seconds. I got a little scared and drank tons of water to make sure it goes down.. I got scared it might've gone "the wrong way" but I didn't even cough.. and am able to breathe normally. If anything I feel like a little tingling but my throat has been that way so it might be unrelated. My question is, the candy went the down the right pipe and isn't stuck somewhere as we speak, right ? Do I have any reason to worry ? How come the candy went down despite me not swallowing it ? This hasn't happened to me before, or at least not that I remember it so I'm wondering, because it startled me good; I guess bottom of the line question is I'm not gonna die from this am i lol 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You're not going to die. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    No; you have nothing to worry about, and it won't have gone anywhere it shouldn't. 

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