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At what age does your dog sleep through the night/ stays by itself without supervision?

My bf and I have an 8 week old puppy  that is being raised as an indoor dog. Someone constantly has to watch him so that he doesn’t pee on the floor or rip up the furniture. We’re trying to crate train him at night to sleep in his cage  but he does not like his crate and whines and barks really loud. We live in apt and I’m afraid the neighbors will complain. We barely had enough sleep yesterday as he kept waking up and would not sleep. I feel like I’m raising a kid and am exhausted. Is this a phase that all puppies go through, will all this get better? Any advice?

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    The thing here is, so what if he doesn't like his crate? It will pass. He will whine longer and louder the more you give in and let him out. Almost all 8 week old puppies hate their crates. They want to be with YOU. If you don't want him sleeping with you, which is entirely your choice, he needs to learn that his crate is a safe space. We waited a little longer in crate training our dog, but it was worth doing. We started him at about 6 months (I was heavily debating doing so), but in the end, he loves it. We let him sniff it, treated him for going in it by himself, never made it scary, never punished him by placing him in the crate, meals were in the crate, favorite chewies, a special stuffed animal just for the crate, etc. Only NOW, at a year old, does he use it on his own for sleep and for a safe space; 4th of July, he was in there the whole time, but he had his blankie and moose and snoozed away.

    Also, only about two months ago did we start trusting him on his own. Even then, we got home about an hour later and he was in his crate! Door was open, he was free to come and go, but nope, wanted his safe den. So it took some time.

    It IS like raising a kid. 8 week old puppies need to be let out every 2-3 hours and about a 1/2 hour after they eat. They cannot hold their pee through the night either, and many can't until they are about 4-6 months old. Between 4-6 months old, my dog was waking one of us up to go out, but at least he was doing that! It can take your puppy another 1-2 months to understand that potty happens outside. NEVER YELL OR PUNISH if he has accidents, or you'll scare him off pottying altogether. 6 months and up is when they can start to hold it a lot better and with proper training, they would sooner die than disobey you and pee all over the place.

    You will start to understand your dog better, just not right away. What I mean is, you'll know the difference between a pee/poo whine and bark vs. an attention whine and bark, not unlike baby cries. Not joking. My dog does not whine when he wants to be let out. He will sit at the door and just look at me. He will whine for the cat's food and his food. When I hear his high-pitched yowl at the door, he's being impatient for a walk. LET HIM WHINE IN THE CRATE. He will get over it. When he is QUIET for 30 minutes to an hour without breaking the silence, you can quietly check on him or leave him alone. If he's quiet for about 2-3 hours then starts whining, he may have to potty. You just need to get the hang of figuring out his quirks, and it could take a few months. You need to tune it out as best as you can, but still be alert, or you'll wake up to accidents.

    ALL PUPPIES GO THROUGH THIS, and it will get worse before it gets better, you can count on that. Crate training is essential if you want to keep him safe while you're gone (always remove his collar if he's locked inside). You have to make it fun for him, a safe space, a den, a GOOD SPOT for him. Treats, food, and special toys make it so. It also depends on your dog and how he is. Again, I didn't trust my pup completely alone and out of the crate until a few months ago. It takes some risks and some letting go, but you need to do it, or you're going to have a clingy dog that will destroy everything when you are gone. If you keep giving into the whining, you will get a whiny dog that will do this ALL THE TIME. You are his whole world and the next 2-4 months are crucial in socializing, training, and establishing good habits. It's easier to train the dog correctly than unbreaking bad habits later down the line.

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    • "At what age does your dog sleep through the night/ stays by itself without supervision?"


    Dogs evolved to mostly HUNT at sunset then gorge themselves.

    Only then do they sleep the sleep of the sated predator.

    Wee pups cannot store enough in their belly to last all night, so get hungry.

    However, after Pup is a few months old, an experienced trainer can make adjustments to that natural behaviour.

    ️💥1: And why are you hiding your self-chosen avatar & username behind the [Anonymous] used by cowardly trolls?


    • "My bf and I have an 8 week old puppy  that is being raised as an indoor dog."


    There is no such creature.

    DOGS need to be raised in the big (compared to themselves) out-doors. By the time a pup is 4-to-4½ weeks old it has the instinct to get away from the nest to piddle-poo, then return to the nest and gnaw on a suitable sized RAW bone or suckle on its dam until it falls asleep again.

    • "Someone constantly has to watch him so that he doesn’t pee on the floor or rip up the furniture. We’re trying to crate train him at night to sleep in his cage  but he does not like his crate and whines and barks really loud."

    ️💥2: Okay - How long have you had this pup? What BREED or mix is she?

    ️💥3: WHAT ARE YOU DOING that I might accept as being "crate training"?

    In my whole life, from my first pup in 1949 or '50 to my most recent pup in 2012, I have crate-trained only 1 pup.

    ★ Offa, my last home-bred pup, came inside as soon as her last litter-mate was collected after lunch in 2000. She was house-trained before dark (apart from her taking about 4 nights to accept that even though my bedroom door was wide open she was NOT allowed in the bedroom) and thereafter lived in the house until her 3 years older cousin needed to sleep inside.

    ★ But Bea: , a 2012 purchase that (because of the breeder being about 4½ hours away, plus time needed to chatter & sign the paperwork) I didn't get home until after dark, so there wasn't time to do house-training or crate training or pen-training (I KNEW she would complain & disturb the neighbours if I just put her out in the pen). So I went out in the dark, brought inside one of my 3 travel-crates and placed it in the passageway just away from my den and facing my bedroom. Bea explored my den while I checked my computer in case anything  important had turned up during the 14± hours I'd been away, was given her supper at about 10:30pm, then, at about 2am, as she'd shown no wish to go toilet (if she had, I would have carried her out to the first terrace, most of which is lit by the outside light, put her on the grass, and waited....), I placed about 4 layers of sheets from the newspaper into the crate, popped her in with a raw bone, and went to bed. She soon grizzled, but was close enough to talk consolingly to her until she decided to go to sleep. She woke later, and I again spoke consolingly so that she knew she wasn't abandoned, just isolated. Yes, by the time I got up she had piddled & pooed on the paper - not a hassle to replace. Next night she had piddle-pooed outside before I put her in the crate and went to bed. She gave a little grizzle but settled down. She did mess on the paper 2 or 3 times over the next few weeks, but didn't grizzle any more.

    • "We live in apt"

    THAT is impossible. There is no place called "Apt", let alone "apt".


    If you are too lazy to spell the whole of the word you mean, or are too old & rheumatic to write the 2 letter word "an" followed by the 9-letter word "apartment" or the 11-letter "appointment" or whatever else you mentally meant, then sit and listen to the radio or tv - don't have a DOG! And don't write to Y!A. My English is excellent - but many here have English as only their 2nd or 3rd language

    • "and I’m afraid the neighbors will complain. We barely had enough sleep yesterday as he kept waking up and would not sleep. I feel like I’m raising a kid and am exhausted. Is this a phase that all puppies go through, will all this get better? Any advice?"

    I doubt your pup is as aware and intelligent as Offa was, and you haven't given us the information needed for us to know how long this has been going on, what breed she is, etc, etc.

    But to be a dog owner you NEED a back door that opens straight into a well-fenced back yard. So get LOOKING!

    Meantime, think about how Bea - the ONLY dog I've crate-trained during the period since 1950 - reacted to being crated. And she wasn't "softened up" by being fed in her crate and by being able to choose to rest in it after each of her 3 or 4 meals per day.

    The nearest I got to crate training any of my many previous GSDs was, the night before she was due to fly to a stud, bring a crate into the kitchen, let her investigate it, toss a tidbit into it while she watched, shut the door behind her as she went in for the tidbit, then open it as soon as she'd turned around. At the airport she would cheerfully jump into the crate to be weighed, and when it was time for the crate to be put on a trailer and taken to the 'plane. Unfortunately a bìtch can lose interest in a bone as the plane swings around & up & down during the flight, so subsequent flights needed more commands & pressure.

    When Y!A stops mucking around I will add a photo of Offa.

    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    At the age of 15 weeks  ( or 3 weeks after he came home)  Though it would be impossible for him to become a housebound dog. So he was walked very very often indeed... These days he is a prematurely semi retired sheepdog.  Because he was poisoned and now has  badly damaged kidneys. So  these days when I go on a 3 week sheepdrive. (as presently)  he stays home and looks out for and protects my home ewes and their lambs under the supervision of my wife.  I built him a kennel in the field as he refuses to stay home and goes no further than the home field to the ewes and lambs in my absence.

     Dogs are not cage animals like Rabbits, Hamsters. and Guinea pigs are you see. They thus shouldn't be caged either. Suggestion therefore rehome the dog to a home with a fenced in garden that it is allowed into, to be the dog it is in. 

    Source(s): Just an Ole shepherd his dogs and flock
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    Yes it is a stage all puppies go yhrough. It is called "being a puppy".

    Expect it to last 6 months if you are good with puppy training, 2 - 3 years of you arenot.

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    Is this normal - pretty much with a puppy who is only 8 weeks old!      For crating, and yes, it's useful when you can't supervise 24/7, set it up in the room you are in mostly during the day, cover top and three sides to make it into a den, and leave the door open.  That way your pup should use it just like any other dog bed.  When you need to do other things (I'd suggest nobody can supervise 24/7, especially not overnight), play with him, take him outside to empty and back to his crate with a few little treats, and shut the door.   Yes, he may complain at first, but as puppies sleep a lot, if you've timed it right, he should settle down for another nap.

    At night have the crate with you in your bedroom, by the bed so he knows he's not abandoned and once the light goes off, should settle.   This will also make taking him out during the night, easier.

    It will get better once he's older and into a routine.

    Oh and NO PEE PADS!   Using these wretched things only tells your puppy it's fine to empty indoors and he will move on to emptying wherever indoors he feels like emptying.   It might be difficult with an apartment unless you live on the ground floor with a private outside space, but you should have realised that before you bought into having a puppy.

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    Welcome to the world of puppies.  You need to go on a grand search of everything you'll need to know about raising & training your puppy.  First you train it to go potty OUTSIDE & teach it not to bite.  NO PEE PADS,  NO CRATE.  I suggest using an exercise pen to keep the dog in.  Google 'exercise pens for dogs',  check at PetSmart, PetCo, online,.

    You need to puppy proof your home & yard to create a safe environment for the puppy.  Keep a ton of chew toys that the pup can destroy & chew on, puppy's chew up everything they can find, it all seems to hit the mouth first.  So put up everything you do not want destroyed.  Put up your shoes, dirty clothes, TV remote, pillows, hide all electrical cords, don't leave anything down that will hurt the pup in some way.  If the pup has enough of his own stuff to chew on, he won't chew on your stuff.  Next is Basic Obedience, 7 basic commands.  Tons of sites online, dog training books, or classes with a group.  I like group training,  so everyone can see that every one there is to train a dog in the basic commands.  Everyone will mess up & every dog will mess up & just knowing that someone else is having the same problems is reassuring & the instructor showing how it should be done,  someone is right there to help & teach you.

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    This is another example of buying first and researching second.  That's a BABY.  Of course it doesn't sleep through the night.

    And an inside dog, 100% of the time.

    Ridiculous.  Get a cat.  Get a bird.  Get some common sense.

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    It can take several MONTHS before a puppy sleeps all nite.   He needs taken out to pee several times a nite.

    Exercise him thru the day so he will he tired at nite

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    6-8 months                                           . 

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    A dog is not a cat, so 'being raised as an indoor dog' what are you thinking...... living indoors fine but this pup needs to be outside to toilet several times a day in a secure area.

    An 8 weeks old pup IS like bring up a human baby, they need constant care, training, outdoor toileting after eating, waking or playing and several times inbetween......... and crate training is making a safe den, it is not a jail you put the pup it is set up day one with the door clipping open with bed in, toys,  water and you feed it in there...when any of mine were puppies if they fell asleep on the floor I would lift them and place them in the crate ( with the door clipped open) so when they woke up they always were in their crate , they always got fed in the crate so it soon became the normal place to go...the safe den, only once they know this and it takes very few days to train the door can be closed when they need to be kept secure while you can't watch them.

    A pup soon learns that if it cries/barks and you let it out, all it has to do is cry and bark to be let out..that is called training the owner

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