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How do I stop acting weirdly around my relative who was sick?  (Hope it makes sense lol) ?

some background- for as long as I can remember I’ve had countless phobias that are triggered at different times, like arachnophobia, fear of death, fear of food etc. but my biggest phobia that stays with me all the time is my fear of vomit and illness, this phobia is out of control. before people say I need therapy, I know I do and I will be seeking it when I go to university in a few months. My parents have always talked down on mental and seeing a therapist, so it’s never been an option. 

Because of COVID-19, my phobias and anxiety have really heightened, I know that I’ve been horrible to the people I live with, hammering on about staying hygienic. With that said, at the start of lockdown my uncle had an episode of vertigo, which we didn’t know at the time, where he was violently sick and lost balance. This had a very detrimental effect on me. The first time I saw him after his episode, I found myself unable to not think about what happened which made me distance myself from him. Since then he’s always at our house but I just can’t disassociate what happened all those months ago from him. I find all the things he does now really annoying, and I don’t know why, he obviously couldn’t help what happened to him? 

I’ve been like this before with my sister being sick but it only lasted for a week. This has been going on for months, and I’m going on holiday with him soon. I’m terrified it’s going to happen again. 

I hate that I’m like this, how can I put it behind me? 

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    People do get sick and we do not know when or how.

    It is just a part of life.

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