Do I need the performing rights to do the musical Dogfight?

I am hoping to put on a production of the musical Dogfight, which has the rights available to purchase online. However, I am just looking to do the production privately, not as a public performance eg. I won’t be charging an audience to come watch it! It’ll be done just in a small studio to gain experience. Do I still need to purchase the rights for this type of production?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Probably.  If you have any audience, paying or not, you have to pay royalties.  From the MTI website:

    “any presentation of a musical from MTI that takes place in front of an assembly of people (no matter how few) is considered royalty-bearing under the law, whether or not admission is charged. These can include "invited" dress rehearsals, or contest excerpts. A valid performance license is required for all of these performances. If a group has any questions regarding whether or not a performance may require a royalty, they should contact their licensing representative at MTI.”

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