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Tested negative for COVID but live with positive tested people? HOW ?

My boyfriend felt sick so we began to quarantine.

Keep in mind we live together and I’ve been and still am taking care of him. He called in sick to work on 06/27/2020 and I went to work on 06/28/2020 we decided to quarantine. We got tested on 06/29/2020 and I tested negative and he tested positive. Our other roommate got tested on 07/01/2020 and he tested positive as well. I am going to get retested but is it possible for me to be negative after living with people with covid?! 

We did tell our employers and those he needed to know FYI. 

Also I got sick in early January and was out for about a week it could have been possible I had covid before??? Hmmm 

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    Just because you live with 2 people that tested positive doesn’t mean you’ll definitely catch it. 

    I forgot if it’s the cdc or who that said that if you test positive, odds are small that you’ll pass it on to someone else. Of course, unless you’re a super spreader in which case you’ll spread it to everyone you’ve come in contact with like that guy that went to a family bbq and ended up infecting 18 family members. 

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    You coud still be incubating the disease.

    You are still potentially at risk and infectìous until 2 weeks after all your housemates test positive.

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