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Need medical opinion?

So I've been taking 2 to 3 HEB night time sleep aid every night as i mussel relexer im just curious to what long-term effects could happen if any?

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    The sleep -aid you use  might become habit-forming  over extra use that effects could keep you hooked for a time. I am writing this answer at 3:27 AM as I am a partially insomniac and only get about 4 hours of sleep at night. When I was age 60, I loss my job when my company was sold. Later, I was forced to live in my car for 15 months, and nightly sounds like police sirens ruined my sleep patterns. I went to sleep labs, but doctors could not reset my brain after such a long time that most of my life is sit and wait. For some relax-time, I will visit the supermarket at 6:30 AM and on to the Post Office an hour later and return to my apartment. Doctors say I am doomed, and medication will just keep me drunk during the day, so avoid any medication. For $49 you can purchase a "sleep  machine". The small machine sits on a table near your bed and you use it at night after going to bed. The machine produces a sound called "white noise" to copy sounds produced by aircraft engines that guide your thoughts to relax you and allow you to fall asleep. Before retirement, I traveled into 7 states for my companies, and the sound machine muffled sounds of trucks from the freeway. The machine has an adjustable collar that has holes and when you change the position of the collar, new sounds appear to help you fall asleep.I paid $45 30 years ago for the sleep machine that still works. Go to www.hammacher.com and search for sleep or sound machine. The sounds outside of the use during day time keeps a nice sound in the background.

    Good Luck.


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    Then ask your doctor.   ESPECIALLY in regards to medication. 

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