Replacement remote control for 10 year old Sony Bravia TV?

Can anyone suggest where I can find a remote control for my Sony Bravia TV which is about 10 years old.The original remote is still with me except the rubber keys get stuck in & dont release up.Any I could just repair that remote control or where can I find a remote that's not too expensive?


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  • 5 months ago

    If you are slightly adventurous, 

    you could take the original remote apart and clean the backside of the buttons 

    and the pads they contact on the circuit board. 


    I use 91% or better isopropyl alcohol and Q-Tips 

    to gently remove the goo that develops on the critical parts. 


    Oddly enough, that sticky/slippery stuff is the result of 

    the rubbery plastic of the buttons chemically breaking down, 

    and the more pressure that is applied to them the worse it gets. 


    If you aren't so adventurous, take the remote to an audio/video repair shop 

    and have it cleaned. The process normally takes about 15 to 30 minutes. 


    Otherwise, search eBay for a remote with the same EXACT part number. 

    It's very handy that Sony typically puts the number on the top surface. 

    Look for a designation that starts with "RM-" or "RMT-" 

    Don't pay more than about $30 including shipping for any remote. 

    Try to get one that looks as close as possible to unused 

    in SHARPLY FOCUSED images. 

    If a seller can't take a decent picture of a remote, 

    you shouldn't deal with that individual.  

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