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Am I too young for IVF ? ?

Is 28 too young to look into the  IVF process? I want to have a child and I’m over love and not interested in waiting around for the right guy. I rather have my child by using a donor and raising him or her on my own. My family and friends think that I am too young to go this route and that I should just focus on myself and the right guy will come along eventually. I’m not interested in wanting for something that may never happen. A any advice ? 

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    Women your age do IVF, I have a friend who started IVF at 28 after she and her husband experienced two miscarriages, and they now have a daughter, plus a few more embryos frozen that they intend to use in the future.

    However, unless you have a known fertility issue, you would likely not need IVF to become pregnant. IVI or IUI with donor sperm would be an option for you, and it is considerably easier and less costly than IVF. If you have the funds you *could* consider egg banking (the first part of the process is identical to IVF since the same meds and retrieval procedure applies), but if you're sure you want a baby now, look into IVI or IUI with donor sperm.

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    Do it if u want it! Ur obviously not in high school. Which is the proper age for being to young for kids! 

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    Don't. You have no idea how hard it is to raise a kid even with two people. Plus, you're hosing the kid as well.

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