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what causes the equilibrium to shift to the left?

When HNO3 and NaNO3 are independently added to the equilibrium system,

there is a difference in observed effect (tube 2 vs. tube 3). 

Tube 2 with copper had HNO3 put into it and changed from clear to Blue.

Tube 3 with copper had Nano3 added and stayed Blue

Identify the ion

causing the equilibrium system to shift toward the left side. What is the role

of this ion in shifting the equilibrium toward the left side?

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     HNO3(aq) and NaNO3(aq) should mixed in aqueous phase here HNO3(aq) is strong acid it would dissociate 100 % completely. If the solution contains already sodium nitrate ions, the dissociation of sodium nitrate completely arrested  due to common ion NO3-(aq) in both electrolytes . Due to the reason which one of slightly weak electrolyte ion dissociation completely inhibits while the presence of completely dissociates common ion presence in aqueous solution phase. Here the equilibrium shifts into left side in presence of HNO3 (aq).

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